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Saint Joan's Eve 2017

The origin of Saint Joan's celebration is pagan and it's part of solsticial parties, like Christmas. There is a tradition that came too much earlier than Christianity, it's a sun worship, for the lengthening of the day, because the summer solstice arrival. 

Saint Joan's party's night is too old in Barcelona, with a fireworks, and fires to burn and move away the bad spirits. As we know, in the XVIII century there were some laws that pretended stop at the fireworks and fires inside the city, which suggests the tradition it was very implanted. But this party it has remained nowadays despite the prohibitions and restrictions during the XX century.

Starting like this, we just wanted to remaind you a little bit about the origins of a night with a tradition from a long time ago. And we'll take it in a Slam Club of Collbató like a tradition of us.

This year we'll have a dinner and a celebration all together in a SlamClub.

So, we'll waiting for you on Friday 23rd of June about 09.00 p.m to have dinner and then enjoy a great party with a magic night and music in live with our Slam DJ, drinks, friends, laughts and great moments.

Don't think twice, call and make your booking.

The prices are:

-Dinner + "coca" (typical Saint Joan's cake) + wine cellar + Party 32,00€

-Party + 2 drinks 19,00€

We are waiting for you all!